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ヒストリー | HISTORY

We would like to introduce how Coca and mango tree restaurants were brought to Japan.

ミールワークスの原点 | Our origins

Coca restaurant was the first mile stone to us. The first Coca restaurant was born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1975. Now Coca and mango tree restaurants are all around the world.
COCA was born in Bangkok
Mr. Surichai and his wife opened the first COCA. The restaurant was small with 20 seats. They invented COCA, the Thai Suki from the idea of Suki Yaki in Japan.
Mr. Kojima meets Mr. Pitaya in Bangkok
Mr. Koijma was in Bangkok on business trip and found COCA. He fell in love with the taste and tried to meet the owner, Mr. Pitaya. It took for a week for him to meet Mr. Pitaya but finally, he could talk. Then COCA Restaurant Japan was established.
Establishment of Coca Restaurant Japan Co., Ltd.
Roppongi, the first COCA in Japan
The first COCA opened in Roppongi in 2 years after the meeting with Mr. Pitaya. Thai cuisine was very new to Japanese people but they got to like the casual style of the hot pot.
mango tree Tokyo in Marunouchi
mango tree Tokyo opened at one of the most prestigious locations in Tokyo, "Marunouchi Building" right across Tokyo station as the 3rd "mango tree" after its open in Bangkok and London.
The restaurant serves traditional Thai cuisine cooked in modern technique with fresh ingredients. After this mango tree Tokyo, sister brands such as "mango tree cafe" and "mango tree deli" were created.
mango tree cafe for the next generation
A new style of mango tree cafe was born in front of Shinagawa station welcoming many international people as the new face of Tokyo. The new mango tree cafe is open from early morning till midnight. It has various faces in one day, depending on the time such as a cozy cafe in daytime and a moody and relaxing restaurant over open air and good music at night. This new mango tree café has been loved by many business men while our customers tend to be women in general.
Our evolution will continue….
Mango tree, which succeeds DNA from Coca restaurant will keep evolution with flexibility by meeting demands and needs from our customers.